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My name is Silvia, passionate about food photography, still-life, blogger from Cortomaldestro my cooking stories. I currently live and work in Rome.

My blog is my creative outlet that combines my passion for photography and cooking. It is a corner where I write, recreate and share traditional recipes, healthy or with unusual flavors.

A cooking enthusiast with an emotionally curious mind. This sums up who I am in my pursuit of my creative expression.
I would like my photos to inspire you to see a story, a memory, a moment captured in the imagination.

My mission is to help food brands stand out and enhance their identity by creating photos that are not only beautiful to look at, but also evoke something deeply emotional.

Winning photos

Rooibos Te with lemon and ice - shows the colors and freshness of the drink, highlighting the product.
When I took this photograph, I had in mind to photograph the exact moment when the lemon juice comes out and the ice cube enters the glass.

84th Collection

Healthy and light breakfast - waffles and berries with honey.
Exploring the law of gravity. Raw materials add freshness and indicate flavors.

84th Collection