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5 years

Winning photos

The first thing to do before a photo shoot is to take and touch the product at 360 °. Identify what is its strength and its great potential, small characteristics that give it value.
And on the basis of this, looking at the bronze-drawn pasta dei Paccheri I immediately identified its strengths: the typical roughness of the drawing, the shape that is not always the same, its golden color. These are characteristics I wanted to work on to convey and communicate the product.

79th Collection

"The inimitable taste of Batticuori comes from the union of cocoa and dark chocolate, with their crumbly heart-shaped dough that makes them perfect for a sweet soak!"
So wrote Mulino Bianco @mulinobianco in its packs of Batticuori, biscuits that have always accompanied our entire days, from breakfast to a healthy and fun snack.

66th Collection

Today...from my "secret" pantry ... a delicacy of @casaflorio: - a sauce with spicy sausage -! Thanks to the variety of "Casa Florio" we treat ourselves to a first course typically Italian made only with simple ingredients and from the imagination of chef Claudio Florio directly from Molise. Thanks to a great manufacturer where tradition and innovation are the masters.

55th Collection

Shot to present Molise's excellence, the renowned salami of @casaflorio. the idea was to bring attention to the natural ingredients used. It took 8 hours of work to complete the final image.

55th Collection

"Inspiration is everywhere" so he mentions in his TVS lider brand in non-stick pans. It 'a tribute in which I wanted to photograph the great performance of the pan on a black background and food.

28th Collection

Shotting for a ice-cream shop in Cattolica. Fun and pleasant in the selection and in the insertion of part of the ingredients around the ice creams , but eating them later was even more fun! Thank you "Gelateria Delizia"

28th Collection

I wanted to make this photo with cherry tomatoes, which perfectly fit this interpretation with the aluminum can and a touch of freshness almost to indicate that what we buy in can can be fresh and genuine.

19th Collection

This photo was taken on Easter, I think the quail eggs have been essential to the success of this photograph, all done with care without leaving anything to chance, especially the light control, I would be happy.

19th Collection