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Treats for Soul

Hello! I'm Nicoleta, a Food and Product Photographer based in Oxford.
I've always been attracted by food, cooking and baking. Trying to capture the food stories, I've cultivated a new passion: Food Photography.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope that my work will inspire you. Please get in touch if you think I might be able to help you capture your ideas and bring them to life.

Winning photos

Product work elevating the beauty of it with colours.

95th Collection

Monochromatic story has been a challenge for me, for a while. So I created a table scene with hands and coffee to tell a cold summer story.

94th Collection

This image was created for a client. The request was to have a shot focusing only on the gin, being a smooth drink. Having a human element in action, it gives the feeling that the drink is ready to be served.

91st Collection

This image was created for a client, combining the product history with the ingredients of the gin. The gobo effect idea came when I had realised how could I give to the product more interest.

90th Collection

In this personal project I tried to create a cucumber salad in a monochromatic style. This image was part of a series images in all combining different textures with different stories. For this one, I wanted to create a dark scene but showing the beauty of a cucumber salad.

82nd Collection

I have taken many shots from different angles for this delicious Lemon Merinque Tart. The last one was this shot to show how inviting the tart is, ready on a table to be served.

80th Collection

I have had the idea of this shot in my mind for a while and I wanted to practice with food styling, so the salmon bagels offered me this opportunity.

80th Collection

Doughnuts flying. The reason for them flying was to create a scene of yummy doughnuts inviting you to get and eat them. The hand and the bitten doughnut help the viewer to understand the idea of 'Come and eat me!'

77th Collection