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Syriuss photography

Passionate about food and translating a chef's vision. I love playing with shadows and light and use them to bring the best in your creations.

I have been a food photographer for three years, primarily specialising in BBQ photos.
I work throughly in understanding the needs of the client and their vision before executing.

Winning photos

Don't you sometimes wish for a snack? I wish i had a lamp to with for these macaroons from our local provider. They have a variety of tastes and colours. Don't they look magical?

83rd Collection

Messy morning for a parent, disjointed breakfast, often limited to a coffee and spilled milk.
This a depiction of my mornings with my kids.

83rd Collection

A shoot for a client with coiled sausages.
The idea was to show the sausages in a meal, rather than separate. At the same time to show how it looks like.
Absolutely beautiful product and challenging at the same time.

82nd Collection

As a coffee lover, I couldn’t not have a picture of my morning brew with ice and an oat milk.
The infusion of both is beautiful and mesmerising.
The photo was made with one single light source.

81st Collection

This photo represents simplicity in a beauty. Lonely flower that stays pure even in the darkest times. Yin and yang in a alternative way.

The pictures was captured upside down to imitate a space without gravity, giving it a light feeling of levitation.

I also wanted to merge the food and inedible product to show that they can live together as a product/ food photo and be in a controversy.

80th Collection