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Bottle and Brush Studio

Hi! I'm Annemarie, a French Canadian living in the Snowy Valleys of Australia (in a little town called Tumbarumba, near Wagga Wagga). Back in Montréal, I was a professional graphic designer working in the music industry. The change to country life in a wine and food-growing region inspired me with a crazy idea to produce my own cookbook. Since then, I have emerged as a food and terroir photographer, culinary creative, and gardener. I work from home in a DIY studio, with natural light, using my garden and produce from the region to source beautiful fresh subjects.

Winning photos

A basket of fresh apples straight from the orchard, in "clair-osbcure". The bushfire that devastated this apple-growing region revealed the true colours of many things through the darkness. This one is for Batlow.

89th Collection

This cool climate chardonnay is a wine like no other. Inspired by both the flavours and the label's rich colour palette, this composition was from one of my first dark-mood styled shoots. The lovely vigneron family who assigned me this project were celebrating a first successful vintage after two seasons in a row of cancelled harvests caused by natural disasters. I wanted to express the sunshine that softly comes after darkness, and brings that same smile as when you sip this sublime wine at night.

88th Collection

From the label design, styling and photography, this commissioned work was made at my home studio with natural light, perishable props from the garden and a sugar pine log slice from a burnt forest. This local client was celebrating the first vintage since the Black Summer 2019-2020 bushfires, which devastated a fair part of their vineyard. I wanted to express the resilience that emerged from the darkness in this contrast.

87th Collection

Since culinary photography became a passion, and after many years of graphic design work, illustration and painting, I felt like going back to the basics of the Fine Arts and appreciating, more than ever, the art of still life. This image is part of a "clair-obscur" baroque-style series featuring produce cultivated in the surroundings of our region, or straight from the garden. These are organically grown globe artichokes simply styled in a basket, with a cloth. This was just an extra shot after finalising a much more complex shoot. Sometimes simplicity just wins out.

86th Collection

In Tumbarumba, in the foothills of the Australian Alps, cool climate wines, fruits and nuts are a speciality. Magic happened one afternoon when some fresh shiraz grapes, apples, quinces and shelled hazelnuts came to my studio. Photographed with natural light, just before dark, with time for a glass of wine. Santé!

84th Collection