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Fascinated by the beauty of food, I enjoy taking photographs very close up. the structures, the shapes. Of course, I think food is pure art!

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97th Collection

In the Netherlands, the royal family is called "the Oranges".

Because I live in a street named after a prince, I thought it would be fun to make an "orange" photo series of food.

This tangerine is part of that

88th Collection

Honey, brie and figs. Need I say more?

For the magazine of "the beekeepers' association Netherlands" I have a regular recipe feature
For these recipes i also take the accompanying photos.

The recipe in this photo is a serving board with honey butter and honey nuts!

84th Collection

A shoot in the middle of a hectic kitchen?
That was my dream!

Might be hard to imagine! But I thought it would be fantastic to shoot in "The heat of the moment"

And "The heat" was there, of course; literally and figuratively! But the fact that this kitchen was also in the kitchen of chef Bjorn Massop, who received a "Green star" from Michelin in March and "JRE taste of origin award 2022" in June was of course the icing on the cake!

And that there are also these kinds of photos rolling out! That makes it all!!

83rd Collection

For the beekeepers magazine of the Netherlands, I write recipes with honey. I always take a suitable photo with it. In this case, the recipe is "Honey Biscuits with Candied Chili Peppers"

81st Collection