Charlie Bard




šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ The United Kingdom



6 awards left until the Senior Member

5th place in The United Kingdom

With us

3 years

Studio Name

I Make You Hungry

Charlie Bard is a London based commercial food photographer, passionate about being able to capture your dishes in a way that will make you and your customers hungry.
A trained chef with considerable experience across the hospitality industry, Charlie has since swapped the kitchen for the camera, and shoots food, drinks and lifestyle imagery.

As well as restaurants, Charlie has shot for brands, packaging and advertising for various companies, and worked on cook books and editorial publications.

Combining precision and creativity to ensure your food looks delicious and your message gets across.

Short listed for Food Photographer of the Year.

Winning photos

One of a series shot for a new healthy food brand to be used online and in-store printing. This one featuring some fresh jalapeƱos
Styling from Sophie Foot

72nd Collection

Caviar shot in a candid style for London Caviar.

70th Collection

Flying Burger composite made up of multiple images. A moving version of this image was also created from the same layers. This was shot on location with styling from Sophie Foot. Client: Fat Pizza

69th Collection

Flying Mars bar portfolio shot. Plenty of editing to get the final look and shot in a way that allows for a 3D camera to pass through the layers to give it motion.

68th Collection