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If you can't eat or drink it, it's not my thing. Food always played an important role in my life and therefor I decided to start my own firm focussing on chefs and food companies to translate their vision into stories. With these stories, both online and offline, we are creating strong messages to the world to make impact.

Winning photos

This amuse is part of the spring menu from high end cater famous flavours. It’s burned tangerine | scallops | chives served on ice.

89th Collection

Vegetarian dish from the new menu of famous flavours. Presented on a small bbq.

88th Collection

Scallops on a tangerine and ice with shaved walnuts. Part of the menu of high end caterer famous flavours

88th Collection

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? It's caviar! The super tasty Italian Osietra caviar shines in this picture.

87th Collection

Our Christmas appetizer, sour creme with caviar and a touch of gold. This Italian caviar always inspires me because and I like to play around with it.

87th Collection

This dish is part of the fall menu of high-end caterer Famous Flavours from The Netherlands. Chef Jasper Gronert made this tasty dish with the very special Marigold eggs.

86th Collection

This is one of the festive appetizer made by the Culinary Team The Netherlands for The Culinary Worldcup 2022. This appetizer is part of the chefs table menu and is made with Dutch Kingfish.

86th Collection

This picture is a close up of the legs from the brown crab. The focus makes this picture for me very fascinating. I love to make pictures of seafood animals and this crab is definitely one of my favorite models.

85th Collection

This dish is part of the new fall 2022 menu from high-end caterer Famous Flavours in the Netherlands. Chef Jasper Gronert made this beautiful dish. Mullet | Curry | Kohlrabi | Jalapeño

84th Collection

Made this photo for high end cateraar Famous Flavours. Recipe is from Richard van Oostenbrugge from restaurant 212*
Polderhen | celeriac | coffee | katsobuchi

80th Collection

This Lemon pastry was the second subject when trying out the dry ice. The picture is giving me spring vibes but also a bit of magic because of the smoke.

77th Collection

I was inspired to do something with dry ice. These Dutch oysters were the best models. I was excited to work with dry ice because of the movement.

77th Collection

A perfect way to start Christmas dinner with this tasty amuse. Scallops with caviar and a champagne sabayon served on a scallop shell.

75th Collection

This blackberry pic I made for a super special theater project in the Netherlands; The Taste. This production is about a chef who lost his taste. It is a 360 degree experience which you will never forget.

72nd Collection

Lobsters are one of my favorite things to photograph. This one is from Canada. The colors and the details made this pic really intense.

68th Collection

This dish is part of the Michelin menu from restaurant Daalder in Amsterdam. Chef Dennis Huwaë celebrates with this dish his first Michelin star. The plate used is made by Maravillas.

66th Collection

This stunning mango dessert was made by Chef Egon van Hoof from Restaurant Mos* in Amsterdam served on a donut plate from Maravillas Ceramics.

65th Collection

Started our birthday dinner with caviar from Restaurant Mos. Served on a beautiful plate of Maravillas Ceramics. Always a good way to start your dinner!

65th Collection

This little tartellete with dulce the letche is full of love and packed with flavor. Combined with the red dust of raspberry this little tartellete is the best valentines gift.

64th Collection

Christmas is my favorite holiday! This scallop dish with various sorts of chicory I Made together with my mom for oud family Christmas dinner.

63rd Collection