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2 years

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Fliske's Food Studio

Winning photos

A super quick shot using one speedlight. I thought the colours of the packaging went perfectly with the colours of my double sided backdrop. Plus, it felt festive without having to use additional props.

88th Collection

From a client shoot. This was shot with a speedlight, only softly diffused. This shot involved compositing multiple shots together to get the perfectly imperfect syrup drips inside the cup with the slight gradient of the drink, plus the tall cream and leaf shadow.

87th Collection

A gingerbread-spiced caramel cake with eggnog buttercream for Christmas. This was shot with a speedlight, but in order to keep the light from the fairy lights and the candle whilst maintaining the crisp action, I had to play a balancing act between flash and ambient light.

87th Collection

A bright and airy action shot of almond croissants. Motion frozen with flash which was pointed at a white wall and bounced back onto the scene.

86th Collection

Dark and moody coffee bubble 'tea' shot with one speedlight. Was shot brighter with a different surface, but this darker one has a more luxurious feel to it. Rich and dark like coffee.

85th Collection

A flourless lemon and almond cake. An impromptu shoot shot with one speedlight. Whenever I use an icing sugar icing in my images, I always make it extra thick. It eventually evens itself out and any drips created move slow enough for them to solidify before they create a puddle on the plate.

84th Collection

Coffee jelly with cream. Shot with flash to capture the dusting. Went for a completely monochromatic look but still maintained interest through layering and contrast with lighting and shades of brown.

84th Collection

Cheat's almond croissants shot with direct light using a speedlight. They looked a little funky coming out of the oven, though delicious nonetheless, so I dressed them up a little for the photo with layers of icing sugar and more sliced almonds. Placed an empty glass jug in the top left for extra interest.

83rd Collection

A stew? A pie? Take your pick. It's a bit like a casserole with potatoes on top, served with bread to mop up the delicious sauce. Shot with natural light.

81st Collection

Churros with a thick chocolate sauce. I made it thicker than I would probably eat it, just for the photo, as I find that thicker sauces and glazes are generally easier to work with. Plus, in this case it looks more thick and rich and luxurious, so win-win I'd say.

81st Collection

Red velvet cake with a juxtaposition of blurred and frozen movement. Composited together in Photoshop. Although it is a crowded scene, my aim was to still lead the eye back to the hero slice.

81st Collection

A creamy meatball pasta shot with artificial light. A super simple pasta dish to spruce up store-bought frozen meatballs. It was mostly an exercise for pasta styling as I mostly work with sweets and baked goods.

80th Collection

An Easter hot cross bun cheesecake. Wanted to give the feeling of some kind of woodland (and also play around with a new backdrop!), hence all the greens and kind of neutral browns. Shot with natural light.

79th Collection

An impromptu birthday cake shoot of a chestnut cream cake. It took several background changes to get to the final shot, not to mention some Photoshop surgery to patch up the cream on the sides of the cake - peeling the wrapping off the cake also peeled off chunks of cream. Shot using natural light.

79th Collection

A chocolate hazelnut cake completed late at night and shot with flash. I can never resist taking a harsh light shot when working with flash! The two leafy shadows were composited in as I could only hold up one at a time.

78th Collection

Homemade earl grey and speculoos bubble tea. A surprisingly good combination! Shot with back-angled light to create a glow effect.

78th Collection

Drown. Inspired by top-down lighting I did when I first played around with flash. I thought it looked like sun rays through water, with water droplets looking like bubbles, and thus thought of this idea.

77th Collection

Instant bubble tea made to look not so instant. Harsh light is only partially diffused by thin sheer curtains, and props were chosen to emphasise a 'natural' feel with all the browns.

77th Collection