Felicia Chuo




🇦🇺 Australia


With us

3 years

Studio Name

Fliske's Food Studio

Winning photos

A gathering with kaya toast (ft. Malaysian coffee) on a sunny day. Except the sun was a speedlight and the hands are all one person. The speedlight was placed behind a window with thin curtain sheers which diffused it ever so slightly.

75th Collection

This shot is a composite of 6 shots and was shot with a speedlight. I wanted the pancake stack to have an almost magical glow to it, which I emphasised through editing. I thought it'd match all the magic-like movement in the image.

74th Collection

Wanted a cosy feel, to which warm tones lend themselves very well to! The flame and droplets still add a kind of energy to this generally cosy scene, but the lack of a splash allows it to feel more calm. Captured using flash.

73rd Collection

Wanted a rich, moody, and luxurious feel, but with a bit more of a natural edge with the matcha, hence the dark and moody lighting and wooden props. This shot is actually a composite of 5 shots!

73rd Collection

This was a kind of spontaneous shot during a client shoot. Taken with flash, this is a composite of each individual splash/ripple and each branch shadow. All the fun and interesting shots always seem to be the unplanned ones!

72nd Collection

Kueh dadar (another Southeast Asian treat) in mille crepe cake form. Shot with natural light. The green crepes, the brown coconut filling/ topping, and pretty much all the other browns being picked up as yellow in Lightroom meant I had to be more careful in editing.

71st Collection

A rich and creamy coffee cheesecake topped with whipped cream and caramel for the sibling's birthday. This was shot at around 10 or 11pm with a flash and a big softbox. It was the second time I had really used the softbox.

70th Collection

This shot was from a client shoot. It was taken with a flash, to capture the crisp action, which was placed outside my window. The shadows were created from a box placed near the front, a piece of cardboard near the back, and the centre shadow was from the window frame.

70th Collection

A bubur cha cha (a delicious Malaysian dessert 'soup') roll cake, shot with natural light. I initially shot it with the plate and hands in the lower left being still, but I liked the movement and energy the blurred hands lent to the image.

69th Collection

I love creating what I like to call 'Frankenstein's monster cakes'. This one, in particular, is a cookie-bottomed chocolate cake with browned butter cream cheese frosting. I wanted the choc-chips to be frozen perfectly in mid-air without having to sacrifice image quality, so I employed my flash to do the work.

68th Collection

A new take on a pancake stack with cream and berries. Was one of my first times using a speedlight and I loved the way the harsh light was only barely diffused by my thin curtain sheers.

67th Collection

Kumquats and water. These are kumquats that were given to us. Because I do not have my own fruit trees or anything, I always love seeing leaves and stems stuck to fresh produce. As such, I can never stop myself from snapping a few shots of them. I liked the idea of kumquats in the water, and I always enjoy creating ripples, droplets, and other textures and patterns with water, so that's what I did. The ripples also matched the circular nature of the kumquats.

65th Collection

The lighting in this shot was inspired by low key portraiture, and I wanted a dramatic story to match the dramatic light. The story is designed to be up to your interpretation, but my own interpretation and intention is one of self-perpetuation, with the title of 'To Death'.

64th Collection

This is a coconut black forest cake that was made for Christmas. I wanted to feature the coconut in the photo since that was a unique point of the cake, and what better way to do so than in an action shot? Plus it looked like snow and I enjoyed the contrast between the white coconut and dark chocolate tree. An bit of snowy action during an Australian summer Christmas.

64th Collection