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Zakelijke fotomissies

Based in the Netherlands near Utrecht. I love to travel, gardening and I love food!
In my work as a photographer light and colors are very important to me. I love to work with dark backgrounds but I also use lighter settings. What ever the client wants!
I shoot at the restaurant but also at my home. I mostly use flashes for vibrant colors but also for flying and splashing food and drinks.

Winning photos

On burned wood I put a oyster which is filled with balsamicopearls and green cress. The backlight is really cool on the texture and the lemondrops are just for fun.

89th Collection

I take this picture of a crystal glass for a company who sells the most beautiful wine and whiskeyglasses.
I shot this wineglas with a purple drink because the glas is also used for cocktails. I styled the flowers and with just a little splash there is some movement in the picture.

88th Collection

With just 1 flash on the right with octa I made this picture. I added some water on the bottem for a little reflection. I shot this wineglass image fir a company who sells wineglasses. I make a nice setting with some red fruit and red leaves.

86th Collection

This famous glancairn glass filled with a delicious whiskey is made in our garden. I used a speedlight off camera for some nice light.

85th Collection

For a company who sells glass for wine and whiskey I made this picture. This bestseller glass is a beauty. I lighted the setting with 1 flash and a octabox with grid.

84th Collection

Earth, water, air and fire. This image is a composite of 1 glass which I photograph 4 times with another subject and stitch it together till one image.

83rd Collection

For this popping champain picture I mixed two settings together. I photograph the bottle and later I photograph the cork upsidedown with splashing water. I blend the 2 images together in photoshop. I use some speedlights for light.

81st Collection

I made this picture for a company who sells whiskeyglasses. The glasses are filled with realwhiskey. The owner of the company and her assistent are my handmodels and I let the whiskey splash with whiskeystones. .

80th Collection

Whiskey on the rocks! Also for this picture I used my garden. Here is a whiskeyglass near the pond and the rocks are covered with moss. So I thought that would make a nice contrast with the whiskeyglass. In this picture I used 2 flashes.

79th Collection

For a company who sells whiskeyglasses I made this picture with 2 flashes. On the left is a flash with octabox and grid as the mainlight on the right at the back I used a backlight just to give some light and shadow on the leaves. The background are some palmes in my own garden. So this picture is made outside in the backyard, wich makes it very special to me.

79th Collection

I made a lot of pictures for a company who sells tapas. 1bitefood gives me the free hand of making foodphotos. I arrange this setting in my own garden in the Netherlands. With just one flashlight I give this photo a summervibe.

78th Collection

Using speedlights is my favorite way of lighting food. It makes the colors more bright and splashes are way more sharp. For this shot I use 2 speedlights with magmod grids.

77th Collection