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Craig Stelmack seasoned professional chef turned food photographer. With over 20 years of international experience, Craig is able to dial into what really makes your image pop. Tell your food story the way only a chef can tell, email or DM today.

Winning photos

A lovely morning shoot with long time client @tinambahotel. The natural light with the wood tones in the front bar are a joy to capture.

101st Collection

A pork branding shoot with @butcher.girl.alison … accents of the brand’s hot pink colour throughout

101st Collection

My client has just added an outdoor dry bar made from reclaimed barn timber. The texture is gorgeous and the natural light is perfect for showing off their new menu.

100th Collection

A perfect misty spring morning when the light was still steely grey.

98th Collection

A winter menu shoot for a local winery client. Shot in natural light on the winery patio.

94th Collection

That magic moment when the steam hits the ‘Bourbon Daddy’ cocktail at the Tinamba Hotel.

93rd Collection

The brief was to test, cook, style and capture lamb shanks for @avonriverfarmhouse, a meal delivery client. I loved every part of this.

91st Collection

Playing with fire and some gorgeous lamb chops from my local butcher.

90th Collection

A simple dish of smoked trout with broth shot in natural morning light. A pleasure to work directly with Chef Gerard Phelan and the Tinamba Hotel Team. Much gratitude to our Gippsland farmers, providores and fish mongers who make my job easy.

89th Collection

One of the advantages of living in the heart of Gippsland is you’re immersed in a community of fantastic food producers, restauranteurs and innovators. This shot is from a luncheon at the iconic Tinamba hotel and celebrates a collaboration between artisan local honey makers and Gippsland fruit and vegetable growers. Thank you to the Tinamba team for the opportunity to capture this event. As always I am thrilled and humbled to be included in the Foodelia community.

88th Collection

Great to be back in the home studio shooting these products in partnership with @butchergirlalison. A few of my favourite props in this shot including some repurposed barn board from a dairy up the road and an oversized terrazzo tile. Shot on a Canon EOS R (RF50mm F1.8STM, 1/4 sec at f/16, ISO100) with a Godox AD300 fitted with a rectangular soft box.

87th Collection

It was a thrill to work with @butchergirlalison to create a series of images for Black Opal Waygu. Collaboration with outstanding producers and progressive brand ambassadors is one of the great joys of food photography. As always I am so honoured to be part of the Fodelia community.

86th Collection

This shot was one of a series of quick snaps during setup and dressing table for an Italian feast styled dinner. The venues is gorgeous… full of little pockets of light and texture, and the tables were beautifully set and dressed.

85th Collection

This was an impromptu personal project on a day when a client canceled Originally intended to be a black-and-white shot, I fell in love with the different wood colours and textures as well as the light reflected off my wet patio.

84th Collection

Early morning light and the last of the mandarins off my tree. Couldn’t ask for more.
This was an extra shot in a series of black and whites I did using the same props. It ended up being my favourite on the day.

83rd Collection

I loved this client shoot… the brief for this noodle salad was bright and fresh for the spring menu. Also a couple of my favourite surface props, including some oversized ceramic tiles and recovered barn boards from an old dairy.

83rd Collection

Fresh raspberries in morning light. I love the white on white and how it makes the red pop.
Shot on Canon R: 50mm F1.8 STM ISO100 f/1.8 1/40 sec

81st Collection

Trying to capture magic moments during the hustle of a busy service in a restaurant is a challenge. Variable lighting, bodies in motion everywhere, action all around. A final grate of lemon zest on this dish of wild kangaroo and abalone.
Chef: Rob Turner. Shot on Canon R 50mm F1.8 STM ISO 4000 f/2.5 1/8000

81st Collection

This image is part of a collection of soup shots for a local meals-at-home producer. The brief was 'a cosy winter feel' ... the client was thrilled with the result and to have her product included in the collection.

80th Collection

This image was taken as part of a menu collection for a client's new venue. Shot late on a winter afternoon, we were chasing the natural light from table to table.

80th Collection