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Vilnius (Lithuania)

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350$ per hour | 1 hour minimum





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3rd place in Canada

79th place in Lithuania

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2 years

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Tiny Moments Creative

A born visual storyteller, I have always been driven to create. From my earliest years, I eagerly participated in art competitions at school, excelling on both regional and national stages. With an infectious enthusiasm and approachability, I am an active artist who wholeheartedly embraced the path of Arts & Design studies as the most natural trajectory for my career – as natural as being true to oneself.

Over seven years ago, I eagerly grasped my DSLR camera, embarking on a transformative journey into the captivating realm of photography. With each click of the shutter, I delved deeper into the intricate dance between lenses, focal lengths, and angles, striving to encapsulate the very essence of the subjects before my lens. This artistic voyage, however, was only the beginning of a fascination that has led me to where I stand today.
With an unquenchable thirst for learning, I find myself still unraveling the vast tapestry of possibilities that photography has to offer. The uncharted waters of food and product photography beckon, promising a symphony of visual storytelling that resonates with my fervent devotion to plant-based recipe creations. The prospect of encapsulating the textures, colors, and details of food with the same ardor that fuels my culinary explorations is a pursuit that ignites my creativity anew.
As my journey evolves, I remain deeply committed to honing my craft, mastering each nuance, and unearthing the innate artistry that lies within each captured moment. With every frame, I strive to convey not just what I see, but the emotions, narratives, and stories that breathe life into the stillness of an image. And so, I embark on the next chapter of my photographic odyssey, eager to intertwine my passion for plant-based culinary delights with the limitless canvas of photography.

Winning photos

Lithuanian honey cake is more than just a dessert; it's a symbol of Lithuanian culture and hospitality. It's often shared with guests as a sign of welcome and respect.

With its delightful combination of honey, spices, and creamy layers, this cake remains a cherished dessert that represents the heart and soul of Lithuanian culinary traditions.

This time I baked this MEDUTIS for my son's very special 15th Birthday! 🤍

102nd Collection


Concord grapes offer several potential health benefits: rich in antioxidants, help lowering blood pressure and support heart health, polyphenols in Concord grapes, including resveratrol, may have neuroprotective effects and could potentially improve cognitive function and memory, have anti-inflammatory properties and more!

102nd Collection

Elevating the senses with the zesty enchantment of satsuma oranges 🍊✨

101st Collection

Tonally unified props enriches the composition, infusing it with layers of sophistication and visual interest. Vintage silver dessert spoons lend an air of timeless elegance, their reflective surfaces catching the light and drawing the eye towards the decadent mousse. Delicate glossy silk ribbon adds a touch of luxury, draping gracefully across the backdrop and accentuating the dessert's allure.

The subtle inclusion of warm anise star spice adds a hint of exotic flair, tantalizing the senses with their aromatic presence. Each prop is carefully chosen to complement the rich chocolate tones of the mousse and the creamy whiteness of the coconut whipped cream, creating a harmonious visual symphony that invites viewers to indulge in the sensory experience.

100th Collection

I always say, that weekend were created for baking. Slow and long mornings with two coffees in a row and looking for the "next recipe to try" - that's how all Saturdays should be.
Chocolatey chocolate cake with cherries on top was this weekend! What can be better than a chocolate cake drizzled with hot chocolate and cherries? It's like a match made in heaven ❤️

76th Collection