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London (The United Kingdom)

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Helin Food Photography

I gain inspiration from female entrepreneurs, world leading contemporary artists, light and colour. Inspiration is all around us, we just need to know where to look. Often I find creative influences from my everyday life – catching the first strips of sun light in the morning, observing how the light interacts with its surroundings. Seeing a couple laughing whilst dining in a high street restaurant. Every now and again I see a film with striking graphics and this is often where my personal projects are born.

I have always felt so much energy around photography, especially food photography and it brings me so much joy to create art. The world needs more honest and vulnerable connections, which I’m hoping to bring to live through my work. I love this quote by Henri Matisse – “Creativity takes courage”

My work has been featured in magazines like, The Sunday Times, The British Vogue, The Easy Jet Traveller, Olive Magazine, Evening Standard and many more.