Hubert Kornak




🇮🇹 Italy

With over 7 years of experience specializing in mouthwatering food photography enhancing taste and sensations. I work as photographer and food stylist and recipe writers. I create perfect chocolate swirls and granola bars the crunch of which you can practically hear from the image.

I have a unique intuition for the consumer’s needs and a rarely seen passion for aesthetics. My enthusiasm for the perfect food scene will make every photograph unique.

I studied at:

The Food Styling School (Chicago)
Food Photography at William Raevell School in London.
I'm member of IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals).

I have my own studio Studio in Italy and Poland: My studio and kitchen is equipped with a long range of props and styling equipment for photoshoots.

Software: Capture One and Photoshop.