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Kairi is a food photographer and stylist in Brisbane. She has always been a big foodie and loved getting busy in the kitchen. A few years ago when she got into photography, she knew straight away she wanted to make food equally as delicious on photos as it is on the plate.

Winning photos

This photo was taken as part of the product styling session for a client featuring their Burrata cheese and showing off the surprise moment when you cut into it with fresh cream bursting out of it.

86th Collection

I love coffee and cake for breakfast. Something that reminds me of my childhood when my grandmother always had some fresh pastries from the local patisserie and a milky coffee to go with it. A slice of cake and a coffee to me is the perfect way to start off the day.

79th Collection

It's coming to a winter here in Australia and that set up was to farewell my favourite season of the year and welcome the cooler season and make space on the table for comfort food.

79th Collection

I call this photo my green goodness. I am a lover of monochromatic scenes and as part of one of my recent courses with Rachel Korinek, I was inspired by one of her photos featuring greens so much that I decided to have a go at creating a chromatic scene myself.

77th Collection

Raspberries are one of my favourite subjects to capture. Usually I use them as part of the styling or to decorate cakes and desserts with but this time it was all about berries and the journey from frozen to thawed. Love the versatile texture of frost and berries combined.

77th Collection

Antipasto and cheese platters are a frequent sighting in our house. It's an easy meal requring minimum effort. Great for dinner with the family or entertaining guests.....and even better when consumed with a good quality wine.

76th Collection

I am a big lover of berries and this image was part of a series of individual shots to capture the whole thawing process from start to finish.

76th Collection

There are many ways to eat pasta and so many different sauces you can enjoy it with but sometimes the most simplest things, in this case a simple tomato sauce, makes the best pasta.

74th Collection

I am a big fan of quick and easy meals and when tomatoes are in season, this tomato medley with Burrata makes a delicious lunch.

73rd Collection

I love breakfasts at weekend. Slow mornings, no rush anywhere and certainly a coffee in bed. Even better when it comes with freshly baked pastries.

73rd Collection

Love shooting fresh seasonal produce and simple dishes that hero the produce. Bruschetta reminds me of my travels to Italy a few years ago and an Italian cooking class in Florence, but in all honesty, I grew up on tomato and cucumber sandwiches. It's great they also make a great photo.

71st Collection

This is a cocktail shot in a magical morning sun. Whilst shot with the direct backlight, the rest has automatically blackened out. One of those impromptu shots with no styling apart from pouring something into the glass and garnishing with some blackberries and placing it into the direct sun light.

71st Collection

This dish is simply inspired by fresh seasonal produce and I love simple dishes. Even better, when I can prepare a quick and healthy lunch with minimal effort, yet it looks beautiful on the plate and tastes good.

70th Collection