Kristine Trofimova




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5th place in Netherlands

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5 months

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Art of visuals

Amsterdam based food photographer and recipe developer. I'm a foodie. I love to travel and taste different culture cuisines. In fact traveling helped me to discover my passion for food photography.
Every single dish was captured on my phone until one day I decided to bring my obsession for food to another level.

Winning photos

Sunday morning - Banana bread for breakfast.

102nd Collection

"When you eat, you look like a painting.."

102nd Collection

To me food photography is not just about the dish; it's about telling a story and translating the emotion.

100th Collection

I love to bake. I usually bake something out of my head, sometimes I dream the recipe, wake up and make it happen. This time I captured the moment of it.

100th Collection

Sauces are my domain. I adore capturing the allure of drips, textures, and hidden drops — it's like playing a captivating game of discovery.

100th Collection

A Noodle's Tale: My Culinary Awakening in Food Photography.

This image is incredibly special to me—it's the first food photo I took before realizing I was destined to be a food photographer. It marked the beginning of my journey in food photography.


99th Collection