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My passion for food started at 16 when I left Sheffield and joined the Royal Navy as a chef, over 30 years later I’m still following that passion as a food & drink photographer back in Sheffield. After serving for a decade, I then worked in the hospitality industry as a head chef in various locations including London.
Some of the skills I bring to a shoot culminate from my experiences of either cooking for 1000’s of people a day whilst on deployment on ship, to the precision focused intimacies of fine dining establishments. Those organisational skills and attention to detail are key to my photography.
I understand food & drink, I can understand what the chef is trying to achieve, I understand what the food stylist needs to create and what a brand needs to sell. As your photographer, you know I’ve been there.
Over the years I’ve worked on set with many brands including Asda, Morrisons, Aldi, Greene King, The Cambridge Diet, Neptune Rum and Downton Distillery.

Winning photos

The iconic red of Coca Cola needed to be brought out with this image. Hard shadows and soft fill light to bring out the details.

80th Collection

Baking for Grown ups with a Toffee Apple Pie Cocktail.
This cocktail image aims to bring back childhood memories of tart, spiced apples with a rich toffee sauce in crisp lattice pastry. Rich, caramel browns run through this image. From the Toffee Apple Pie over ice, through the cinnamon apple crisps to the sweet toffee sauce running slowly from an old spoon. A simplified set and three box arrangement suited this cocktail the best with the light and shade background of the whole series on show again. This was part of a test mini-series done during the lockdown. To check out more of these images go to

69th Collection

Fire & Ice, The warm colours of the rum sat over ice. This image was created to capture the light within the drink and how the colours could happily represent a dancing flame.

69th Collection

Cheese on toast has been heralded as Britain's No.1 snack over the past 12 lockdown months and so I thought it only correct that I take the humble yet mighty bite, and give it a few tweaks? This is Cheese on Toast, and more specifically, this image forms part of my latest mini-series Cheese on Toast - 6 Ways.
To check out the other images from this mini-series please go to my website.

68th Collection