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TOP10 photographer in 2021

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3 years

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LocKlick Images

Maxine is an experienced professional photographer who specializes in food and product photography. She has a passion for playing with food and liquids to create stunning images, and she loves the creative challenge of making products stand out within an image. With years of experience and countless props in her studio, Maxine is the perfect choice for any commercial photography project.

Winning photos

An apple cider bottle "sliced" opened and ready to be served! This time on a moody green textured background, for a little something extra!

99th Collection

An apple cider bottle "sliced" opened and ready to be served!

98th Collection

A selection of beers buried as treasures in the sand.

97th Collection

A beer can photographed with a beach scene creation as the backdrop. Sand, water and a blue backdrop were used to assemble a beach scene.

96th Collection

"Beers at the beach" image. Shot in studio to re-create a beach scene.

95th Collection

Single can of beer in a "beach in the summer" scene. The beach scene recreated in a studio setting.

95th Collection

Model holding a burger with one hand, while the other hand is holding a tomato to her eye.

91st Collection

Pots of honey styled with bread, butter and honey on a wooden surface.

91st Collection

A face embodied within a sea of berries.

90th Collection

A selection of white dishes filled with various items such as pasta, tomatoes and walnuts.

89th Collection

Beer photographed with both the cans itself, and the beer in glasses, with the image surrounded by nibbles that are usually served with beer.

87th Collection

Multiple bowls of soup on a wooden board, with the ingredients of the soup scattered across the board. The table itself is surrounded by more ingredients, and an additional bowl of soup in the corner.

85th Collection

Blue oil splashes individually photographed and combined to create an image collage. The image depicts impressions of jellyfish in the water.

84th Collection

Multiple burgers on a wooden board, with the top bun slightly a skewed to show the inside fillings of the burgers. The table itself is surrounded by plates of burgers, fries, sauces and beer glasses and bottles.

84th Collection

Different colours of Macarons in a logs & moss forest scene. Colours of the Macarons includes pink for strawberry flavours, white for peach, green for macha and brown for chocolate.

84th Collection

Chocolate splashes colliding with multiple waffles in the image, with strawberries being thrown around along with a pink background to compliment.

84th Collection

Burgers & fries, with a beer on the side, sitting on a table next to a window with sunlight pouring through; shining through the glass of beer.

84th Collection

Lime flavoured sparkling water surrounded by splashes of water and lime wedges. Water droplets added to the bottle, and bubbles added to the background, to further emphasise the cold sparkling bottle of water.

83rd Collection

Chocolate milk bottles surrounded by splashes of chocolate and splashes of milk, with the splashes surrounding the bottles and creating a bit of a "mess" effect on the sides of the image.

83rd Collection