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Every Bite You Take

My name is Nena, professional food photographer and stylist. I’m food enthusiast, but then again who doesn’t love food? Right?
I love to travel and explore different cuisine and capture delicious food at its best. You can jump on board on this exciting journey with me.

Winning photos

Making these beautiful cakes is a long process that takes a lot of skill, effort and results in a lot of mess. Zero gravity is definitely a life saver.

76th Collection

Back light can be so magical and this is my take on it. Tea time is always a perfect time ☕️???? This was connected from 6 different photos, to get the right feel.

76th Collection

I enjoyed taking this refreshing summer salad photo for a client. Colour contrasts make the dish pop out and makes your mouth water????

75th Collection

Which way do you turn this to make sense ???‍♂️. It will depend if you are coffee or desert person, but I enjoyed so much making this tricky setup.

74th Collection

Top shelf magic is the name of the game for this dynamic photo. Action, levitation and many details are what makes this frame extraordinary.

74th Collection

It’s so fun to have a special helper in the kitchen, especially when they can’t get in your way????. I always find it interesting to combine action with levitation.

73rd Collection

Ahhhh….I felt so lucky when my Brekky has just perfectly fallen together ????. I aimed to feature all the items while creating intriguing and dynamic scene✨

73rd Collection

Magical tea is connected from 7 different frames. This dynamic atmosphere is created to lead the viewer through the story.✨

72nd Collection

Life is a combination of magic and pasta.
This Fellini’s quote inspired me to make this photo. Bright and light levitation was the perfect mood for this frame✨

71st Collection

The desert that you can eat every day - the pancakes! Golden tones compliment this elegant frame. The shallow dept of field and rich colour of raspberries and mint contrasts softens of the scene✨

71st Collection

Who doesn’t love coffee.
I always imagined rich and dark scene for this
beauty. Few key but subtle elements fill this scene which complement the hero

71st Collection

I’m a huge lover of levitation photography and I always love to experiment with it.
This was a fun test for one of the projects that I’m working on. I’m also in love with this lush green. It looks so appetising, doesn’t it?

70th Collection

I loveeeeeee ice cream, my favourite dessert and loyal pick-me-up????. For this choc & mint heaven, I’ve connected and arranged 5 different frames to bring to you all it’s glorie. All hail the Ice Cream!

70th Collection

This delicious pink haven found its home in the setup of opposing styles. Light and airy touch, defined and complemented by strong shadows, but then again softened with light bubbles and greenery of flowers.

69th Collection