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Sammy Jones Photography

Food and product photographer based in Hobart, Tasmania. I have a focus on supporting and creating images of wholefoods/healthy products, locally grown and harvested foods and products. Living in Tasmania we have an abundant supply of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables and I feel grateful to create inspiring images with these harvested foods and styling them with an intuitive, organic feel. I first picked up a camera 15 years ago in high school and spent any spare time I could in the darkroom. 4 years ago I got inspired again and purchased my first mirrorless camera. From there I went on to study diploma of photo imaging, which I have recently completed.
I am a mum of two young boys and it has become extremely important to educate our younger generation, as well as inspire parents and community to create easy, healthy whole foods and take them on a culinary visual journey with food photography and working with brands to bring their product stories together.