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Food photographer/Food stylist from Lithuania.
My name is Skaiste, I am a foodie. I love everything about food. I love cooking, cookbooks, food photography, nicely set tables, gardening and summer BBQs. I love cooking at home for our friends and family, I love heart-warming stews in winter and improvising in my kitchen on a rainy day. It fills my heart with happiness and hopefully spreads arround to those who can be part of it.

Winning photos

The power of old wood, textures and colors… I have dragged this beautiful, vintage door to my kitchen to use it as the backdrop and then using color calculator chose matching colors and composed a dish accordingly.

78th Collection

Finally the edible flower season starts and I can find beautiful blossoms in my garden whenever I need to decorate something. The dusty rose pansies on my cake look like small butterflies.

78th Collection

Marble beef cube(s). Sometimes I like to deconstruct the products and take them out of ordinary context. The small marble beef cubes reminded me of Rubik’s cube, so I’ve made one.

78th Collection

I am so so happy to find these gorgeous naturally colorful (not dyed) eggs at a local farmer. I have an endless list of recipes of things I want to make from them in mind. But today just enjoying the beauty of the egg itself.

77th Collection

Healthy and delicious sweet potato chips with garlic and chili powder. In this picture I wanted to emphasize the color and the texture of baked potato chips and contrasting blue background played the role perfectly.

77th Collection

I have took this picture exactly one year ago, on 28th of Feb, but back then I didn’t know, I couldn’t even imagine that blue and yellow will become colors of true heroism, bravery, true leadership and unity. We are forever grateful for you defending our freedom. Stay strong Ukraine.

77th Collection

A beautiful, delicious and healthy breakfast toasts.
I like to choose a healthier version of almond (or hazelnut) butter instead of peanuts and all the fruit or berry I have at hand. Green apples and kiwi this time.

76th Collection

Double chocolate chip cookies with milk. Lots of childhood memories and sentiment and a milk splash organically integrated into the scene.

76th Collection

A super healthy lunch sandwich loaded with veggies and greens. The idea behind this picture was kind reminder to follow ones New Year’s resolution to eat more vegetables and greens.

76th Collection

Beautiful and delicious broccoli soup styled with cream, edible flowers and pine nuts goes along so well with these magical green plates.

76th Collection

Pear hazelnut frangipane tart with chocolate shavings. This scene was not artificially styled for a shot. But when I’ve finished this tart with chocolate shavings and sugar powder dust and cut a few pieces my gaze got locked in all the beautiful details and then…. everyone had to wait until a made a shot before eating.

74th Collection

I am a very dark and moody style food photography lover, but with these little gingerbread houses I wanted to create a light and airy feeling.

74th Collection

Snowy little meringues. White on white. When you eliminate the colors, you have to play with forms, texture, shadows and highlights.

74th Collection

Hot chocolate with gingerbread spice. Some shots are born in my head long before I take the shot. I bought this cute during our summer holidays in Bavaria in July. Already then I new what I want to shoot with this cup.

74th Collection

Edible Christmas gift idea. Your favorite chocolate cookies with home made caramel, chocolate ganache or your favorite grandma jam. Just add a little star, sugar dust (aka snow) and some decoration to the wrapping and you get a perfect homemade Christmas gift for your loved ones.

73rd Collection

Gingerbread bundt cake with candied lingonberries crown. I am a huge fan of gingerbread dough or gingerbread anything and of course the process of baking just to fill your home with these beautiful scents.

73rd Collection

When photographing dishes I love trying different options: light/dark backgrounds, natural vs artificial light, flowers vs candy or chocolate and very often I find very unexpected combinations being the best ones. Mini chocolate bundt cakes with chocolate topping. A very monochromatic version.

72nd Collection