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Mark Wildsmith

Sheffield (United Kingdom) Also serving: Leeds (United Kingdom)

The face behind Wildsmith Photography.

I absolutely love photography, I guess every photographer says that, so let me explain.

Photography, and particularly food photography is my passion, largely because I love food and also because I was a chef in the Royal Navy for a decade. Being a chef fuelled my passion for food and allowed me to create dishes that crews wanted to eat with their eyes as well as their stomachs, even on a warship.

I’ve been fortunate enough to cook for thousands of people a day while on deployment, bake 100’s of loaves of bread daily and host the occasional BBQ on the flight deck too. I guess you could say those days gave me great experience in location food photography.

I understand what a chef is trying to achieve, what a food stylist wants to create and what a brand needs in order to sell.

I speak food, I understand the language, I value the industry and I capture it beautifully.

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