Food photographers in Italy

  • 64 images selected 64 Piergiulio Fiore Vasto (Italy) Piergiulio Fiore_studio
    Food photographer Piergiulio Fiore (Piergiulio). Photo of 13 July
  • 27 images selected 27 Daniele D'Agostino Pistoia (Italy) Also serving: Milano (Italy) I'm an Italian photographer and videomaker specialized in food, still life and product advertising. I'm based in Tuscany, I work throughout Italy and collaborate with some international clients, in the USA, Mexico and Germany. Dag Pro Studio
    Food photographer Daniele D'Agostino (Danieledag). Photo of 19 December
  • 20 images selected 20 Marco Tortato Treviso (Italy) Also serving: Padova (Italy) Disciple of the renown American-Belgian advertising photographer Harry De Zitter, Marco has been a professional photographer since 2010. He has recently released a book on photography for Emusebooks, entitled “Oltre le Regole” (tr. Beyond Rules). He has developed his technique and visual taste through the study and sometimes collaboration with some very popular photographers such as Joe McNally, Adam Barker, David duChemin, John Sexton and many others. In 2009 he founded the Manfrotto School of Xcellence. He specialized in Portrait, and Food and Beverage Photography. He works for many wineries and food producers, and he’s photographer of the famous Caffè Florian in Venice. He teaches courses and workshop all around Italy. Marco Tortato Fotografia
    Food photographer Marco Tortato (yorick). Photo of 12 November
  • Food photographer Franco Deriu (Franco_Deriu). Photo of 07 April
  • 7 images selected 7 Lucia Marecak Turin (Italy) Also serving: Milano (Italy) My name is Lucia Marecak, I am a food, still life photographer, educator & blogger at Healthy Goodies by Lucia. I am currently based in Turin. My mission is to help food brands stand-out and build a strong relationship with their audience, by creating beautiful and unique images, that tell their story and evoke emotions. I was born in Slovakia, and in 2015 I moved to Italy. I have won a couple of international food photography awards. I specialize in food & beverage photography, provide photography education via my Members' Club. Lucia Marecak Photography
    Food photographer Lucia Marecak (marecakova.lucia). Photo of 01 April
  • 5 images selected 5 Sara Lorenzoni Arezzo (Italy) Sara Lorenzoni Fotografia
    from 150$ for 1 hours of work
    Food photographer Sara Lorenzoni (saralorenzoni). Photo of 12 February
  • 1 images selected 1 Diego Brandolin Milano (Italy) Diego Brandolin Photography
    from 50$ for 1 hours of work
    Food photographer Diego Brandolin (info.brandolin). Photo of 12 January
  • Lucia Palomba Bologna (Italy) Lucia Palomba Photography
    Food photographer Lucia Palomba (LuciaP84). Photo of 14 January
  • 10 images selected 10 Gloria Bressan Zürich (Switzerland) Also serving: Milano (Italy) I'm Gloria, in Zurich from almost 10 years but Italian (Milan). I 'm a professional photographer from 8 years and even though I have experience in events, concerts and portrait photography, food photography is my favorite job. Managing colors, shapes and lights to give importance to food cooked by experts is my passion. Photomedia-Gloria Bressan
    Food photographer Gloria Bressan (imeil73). Photo of 13 December