Food photographers in Poland

  • 67 images selected 67 Bozena Garbinska Wroclaw (Poland) 2021 International Color Awards Winner Winner of 12ve Annual Taste Awards in Photography category First Place in the Amateur Editorial contest in PDN TASTE 2019
    Food photographer Bozena Garbinska (Bozena). Photo of 09 September
  • 15 images selected 15 Marta Placek Kraków (Poland) Also serving: London (United Kingdom) Hello, my name is Marta. I believe that every single photo has its own magic, therefore I treat photography as a pleasure. I have developed a unique style which can boost your audience's engagement. Work with me so we can create something special and out of the box. Marta Placek Photography
    Food photographer Marta Placek (marta.placek). Photo of 13 April
  • 13 images selected 13 Edward Trzeciakiewicz Olsztyn (Poland) Chef/Husband/Father/Friend/Photographer All about is in sentence of Delia Smith: "Food is for eating, I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself." GOOD LOOKIN FOOD
    Food photographer Edward Trzeciakiewicz (edward.trzeciakiewicz). Photo of 19 February
  • 1 images selected 1 Hania Pawłowska Wrocław (Poland) I am a photographer who loves to eat well... foodphotography must have appeared in my life :) Hania Pawłowska
    Food photographer Hania Pawłowska (h.pawlowska). Photo of 22 April
  • Agnieszka Kukieła Warsaw (Poland) Hello! My name is Agnes and I am trained and certified Food Stylist & Photographer at Le Cordon Bleu London. Since I was a child I liked to be in the kitchen, cooking and helping and that's how it all started. As I grew up this became my passion. Welcome to my culinary world! Don't hesitate to contact me for any cooperation: - Professional culinary photography for magazines, restaurants and companies (menu photography, website, social media). - Preparation of recipes with photos (for culinary magazines, as well as for websites and social media). - Preparation of photos for the review of restaurants, household appliances, food products and groceries, books and magazines on culinary or culinary issues, culinary gadgets. Agnes Kukiela Food Photography
    Food photographer Agnieszka Kukieła (agnieszka.kukiela). Photo of 29 June