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Hi! I have been working in gastronomy for 14 years, for 4 years I started to photograph what was around me on a daily basis, this is how culinary photography has become my passion and my second career path!

Winning photos

Cheese „pantela”
Strawberry cheesecake, various types of sorrel for decoration, sour cream, sorrel and strawberry pickle.
The recipe comes from the book "A very good fashion of frying various confections" from 1686.

Chef Marcin Przybysz
Restaurant Epoka
Poland, Warsaw

91st Collection

Crispy romaine lettuce leaves, shrimps, anchovies dressing, croutons, and emilgrana cheese flakes

Chef Krzysztof Paprocki
Restaurant G14
Poland, Bydgoszcz

91st Collection

Fantastic Polish dry seasoned beef for 62 days. The dish is prepared on a yakitori grill, which gives the meat a unique crunchiness. The real icing is finishing with foie gras.

The dish can be composed with seasonal additions available in our menu.

Chef Kamil Wójtowicz

Restaurant Niewinni Czarodzieje 44

Warsaw, Poland

90th Collection

Sturgeon roulade stuffed with mushrooms, marjoram, white mushroom borscht sauce, mushroom tulle, morels, mushroom duxelle, and marjoram oil.

Chef @MarcinPrzybysz

Restaurant @Epoka

Warsaw, Poland

90th Collection

Udon with shrimps/green curry/coriander/nuts/sesame

Chef Łukasz Marcinowski

Restaurant "Boska Praga"


89th Collection

Oyster salad

Cucumber rolls with scallops and oysters, cucumber sauce with oyster, dill tulle, dill oil, trout eggs.

Recipe comes from the book „Kuchnia polsko-amerykańska” from 1917.

Chef Marcin Przybysz

Restaurant Epoka

88th Collection