Marcin Kaźmieruk



Jelenia Góra

🇵🇱 Poland

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Wrocław (Poland)

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250$ for 4 hours of work



6 awards left until the Senior Member

4th place in Poland

With us

5 months

As a culinary photographer I worked with many restaurants, food festivals, chefs and MasterChef's from many countries.

I won a scholarship from the best wedding photographers in the world TWO MANN STUDIOS, I was working for many years in the industry related to cultural and charitable events.
I worked with music, film and theater stars and I am the main photographer of one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Europe - Beats For Love Ostrava. Official photographer of Junior Eurovision 2019, Polish Song Festival OPOLE 2022.

As a photographer, I try to develop my workshop every day. At the moment, I work on the most advanced and best equipment of the Nikon brand, with which I had been associated for 12 years, thanks to which I belong to the Nikon professional service.

Winning photos

My favorite drink... extremely black coffee with ice cubes during photoshoot for Górska Café Karpacz (Poland) at Green Mountain Hotel , I wanted to show how extreme it is :)
@gorskacafekarpacz @marcin4funphotos @green_mountain_hotel

92nd Collection

Photo was taken for Albero Restaurant in Osada Śnieżka (POLAND) as a proof that you can take good photo of food/drink with fisheye lense :D
New Summer Menu in @albero_osada @osadasniezka @marcin4funphotos

92nd Collection

Photo was taken in Plan b Burger&Steak restaurant in Zgorzelec (POLAND). Whole crew is as crazy as me so they always ask me if we can do sth different. "Say no more " :)

91st Collection

This photo was taken for I love Italy Restaurant in Jelenia Góra (POLAND) and for their cook book. As a place that is both a restaurant and a shop with original Italian products, they decided to create a cook book with the recipes for the dishes that you can make at home from their products. The recipe for the burger in Italian style is my own creation as well as the picture.
all you need is Italian milk rolls ,beef (ribs, brisket, tenderloin) pancetta, il piccolo re cheese, frisee lettuce, onions marinated in balsamic vinegar, home made aioli

Buon appetito!!!!

90th Collection