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175$ per hour | 1 hour minimum



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Mihail Foodphotographerlv

Mihails Pavlenko is a talanted professional food photographer from Riga, Latvia. He specializes in food photography (restaurants, magazines, brands, cookbooks), as well as product and interior photography.

Winning photos

Maxima Latvia ( @maxima.lv ) product shooting of donuts. Donuts of different tastes, shapes, fillings, and toppings. Love such kind of shooting.

59th Collection

A tasty hot drink is called mulled wine or glint wine.
Traditionally, red wine was heated to 70-80 degrees with cinnamon sticks, anise, cloves and pieces of fruit. Initially, red wine began to heat up in medieval Europe to prevent disease and to fight hypothermia.

51st Collection

More coffee, please. Such tasty splashes can be obtained by throwing delicious cookies into the coffee cup. If you throw all the cookies you can stay without coffee.

51st Collection

Preparation of tasty coffee drink. All that you need are well-roasted coffee beans, milk and some sweet cookies to extend satisfaction.

50th Collection

Crispy sesam cookies falling into the milk can. These fresh sesam cookies are so tasty that they are good to eat especially with milk.

50th Collection

If you like Italian cuisine, then this appetizer is for you and it is very quick to cook. For the tapenade, you will need black olives, olive oil, and freshly made ciabatta.

49th Collection

Healthy fresh salad is useful throughout the year. It's made with aroma cherry tomatoes, arugula, spinach, and pine nuts, all served with olive oil and spices. Flying ingredients shows the airiness of the salad.

49th Collection

Star-shaped crispy almond cookies. Some people say that they fall in the form of a Christmas tree. Frankly speaking, it was not made on purpose, but I like the result.

48th Collection