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The playful game between the contrasting softness of the enveloping liquids like snakes, the rigidity of the transparent and sharp glass like the object of desire, supported by provocative sweet and red apples, is an invitation to sin, this work symbolizes original sin.

Photographer: Juan Virgüez
Art director / food styling: Juan Virgüez
Compositing/retouching: Juan Virgüez
Photographed with canon R5 / Godox flashlight

90th Collection

Creating an impressive image that would captivate the viewer, inviting them to turn their gaze over and over again, was the initial approach, the objective was clear, and the challenge was focused on the mix of techniques we wanted for this image, flying food, hi speed photography, splash, and power.

The result you see is the product of the efforts of all of us who participated in this project, my art director and food styling Leticia Esteves, and my photography assistant and right-hand woman Susana Gow, without you this would not be possible.

Photographer: Juan Virguez
Art director/food styling: Leticia Esteves
Photography assistant: Susana Gow
Compositing/retouching: Juan Virguez
Photographed with canon R5 / Godox flashlight

90th Collection

Name of the cocktail "UN CLAVO", you will love, Espadín Reposado, Botánico Drambuie.
Ingredients: Cardamom, vanilla, the caviar of great Marnier

Photographed with Canon R5 / Hi speed / Godox flashlight

89th Collection

My incessant search for motion capture has become a fundamental characteristic of my work, simple compositions, in which the protagonist is accompanied by the moving element.

Photographed with canon R5 / Godox flashlight

89th Collection

Sushi in Latin America is a fusion of flavors and ingredients, a combination of textures and a lot of colors resulting in a feast of flavors on the palate, the sweet sauce, the creaminess of the avocado, the crispiness of the cucumber blend with the intensity of the flavor of the crab.

Photographed with Canon R5 / Godox flashlight

89th Collection