Juan Virguez




🇵🇦 Panama

Also serving:

Miami (The United States)




Grand Member

8 awards left until the Master of Photography

1st place in Panama

40th place in The United States

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1 year

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Capture time, make the moment a myth. Letting oneself be inspired by the beauty that is expressed beyond what is seen, is to portray the meaning, the story, that is what Juan Virgüez does when he dedicates himself to discovering through the camera a new chapter for creation.

Loaded with professionalism, commitment and passion for photography, he follows his natural instinct to compose a unique atmosphere, making the extraordinary use of his technique which will be reflected in photographs that will become immortal and unique.

His secret is teamwork, he has great empathy and personality. Always full of patience, kindness and generosity, he will allow you to be part of the process, where the artist will be you, the protagonist will be the moment. Born ambassador of creative confluence.

Juan Virgüez is a sensible photographer, endlessly creative, reinventing himself at all times, always ready to offer the best of himself. His passion for gastronomic and portrait photography drives him to capture moments that are beyond words and that are the surreal visual hymn. His art is the echo of what was and what will always be, through shadows, lights, colors, textures and extensive visual possibilities.

For Juan Virgüez, the muse will always be the search for the creation of new images in which clean aesthetics and a lot of creativity prevail. For him there is no effort in his art and he considers that everything he does to make an image memorable will be worth it for him and his team.