N1 Food Photographer of 2016

Natalia Mantur


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About Natalia

I remember as if it was yesterday – the smell of fruit ripening in the orchard, their juicy and unique taste and that joy when every day new delicacies appeared in the backyard. The little heaven of my childhood. My hands red from raspberries, my dress stained all over with strawberries and me running three times a day to the orchard to check if the first pear has already fallen from the tree. And among all these beautiful pictures, going on and on in my head, there is one memory from the time when I was five years old: the first cake we ever made with my brother – the aroma was so tempting that we couldn’t take our eyes off the oven. White transparent apples, vanilla and the magic of summer – our private Eden. That's something I want to remember forever... And that's something I want to capture in my pictures – this happiness we feel while sharing a meal with people we love, these sparkles of joy, these magical moments.

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15 Oct.2015

20 Oct.2016

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