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2nd place in Albania

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7 months

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DC Media Group

Hello :) my name is Bianka Kacanolli, I'm from Albania and my passion and work is about Food Photography. I love shooting products especially related to food. I don't make only photos but I cook and do all the process just the way my clients would like. I have my own studio located in Tirana, the capital of Albania with more than 5 years experience of shooting for Top biggest Companies in our country. I'm so happy to join Foodelia and have a bit of a taste outside my little Albania. I would really love to share my experience with potential international clients worldwide and other photographers around the world, as well.

Winning photos

"Forbidden Apple". Shooting for a a very famous bakery in Tirana, Albania "Buka Ime".

102nd Collection

"The perfect bite": Cipriani Cake!
Shooting for "Buka Ime" a famous bakery in Tirana, Albania.

102nd Collection

Warm and spicy basmati rice. Product Photography on studio with artificial light for one of the best company in Albania Ferra & Co.

101st Collection

Product Photography; Quinoa for Ferra & Co Company in Albania. Photo at studio with artificial light. Love to play with colors that match perfect with the product.

101st Collection

Sweet bites dedicated only for Valntine's day. The goal at this shoot (for a client "BUKA IME"), was to capture the perfect bite of sweetness that comes from these beautiful LOVE or heart shape with a delicate filling inside with strawberry taste. It was so fun to shoot this set with a high dose of red color and a touch of pinky

100th Collection

The real taste of LOVE. I really enjoyed this shoot for a bakery "BUKA IME".

The theme for this lovely sweets heart shape was Valentine's Day. What I love from this photo is the real filling that comes from the heart with strawberry jam. It comes really slowly from the heart in the meddle of the set, so I really enjoy every click of the flash on my camera.

100th Collection

Coffee with chocolate and cocoa powder on top. The concept of the photo is based on one of the ingredients such as sugar, placed in the background, which is used for sweetening but not as the main focus. This is a photo taken in the DC Media Group studio for one of the most famous sugar companies in Albania, Ferra & Co.

99th Collection

"Gingerbread house"

I made these beautiful cookies for a TVC so that they could be used by a little girl who had to put them on the tree. Since they bring a full holiday spirit, I took them back with me to the studio to make a shoot. The shooting is realised by using two different backgrounds, one of them black to give more focus on cookies and the other one wood covered by artificial snow. I Have used only one artificial light and shoot with Canon.

98th Collection