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Winning photos

What would it be like to work as a Sommelier? A question I asked myself many times while working on this photo. A collection of many good wines served on the large table, combined with long shadows of the setting sun create a special atmosphere.

96th Collection

I love the unusual and creative way of representing a product. But at the same time keeping the image as simple as possible. I chose complementary colors, matched with my favorite minimal style and added some graphic shadows in the background. Well, the whole mix helps generate interest about the product.

96th Collection

In search of balance - visual and compositional, this image was created with the thought - "Less is more". Complementary colours, clean and minimal style with the idea of transmitting the movement and liveliness of a summer happy hour. Artificial lights, different images merged into one.

94th Collection

And again - minimal style and low key photogrphy. The gradation present in the transition between areas of light and areas of shadow creates a particularly refined visual depth. One of the challenges that every photographer faces is how to represent artificial light as natural light, and I think in this case the image was created perfectly.

94th Collection

Intimate, rustic and very moody atmosphere is sometimes the best representation of a private celebration. Warm colours, homemade chocolate cake, fresh roses just picked from the garden and the smoke of the candle that draws figures in the half-light are more than enough to celebrate and fully savor the taste of being alive. The technical part - one source of artificial light and a reflector.

91st Collection

Modern minimal style and shot in low key for stand up the beauty of this octopus tentacles.

90th Collection

Iced latte coffee as the star for this shoot. An excellent refresher, especially with quality espresso coffee and vegetable milk. The choice of monochromatic, but warm colors brings out the abstract shapes created by the drink itself and increases the mood percepiscion. Studio shot with several artificial lights.

89th Collection

This is work with different textures - the softness of the chocolate surface and the texture of the background ask for particular light for each ingredient. Yet, I chose to add geometric shadows to give depth and more visual interest. It's really delightful and creative to work with chocolate.

88th Collection

This is one of the first photos I created when I was studying glass photography, and I still find it very fascinating for the chosen colors, the studied composition and for all the atmosphere it brings.

86th Collection

Food for Christmas, food that has always had the power to unite and nourish us, food that reveals us, through the pleasure of sharing it with loved ones, food that has a history and a symbolic meaning linked to local traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. Food as a gift...

86th Collection

Minimal look with illuminated shapes. This work was focused on simplifying and removing the excess to find and represent the essence.

85th Collection

Looking for a rustic, yet simple presentation of these tomato-based Barilla products. The abundance of the harvest bathed in "sunlight" contributed to this genuine and fresh look. Technically I used several studio lights and some reflectors. The use of complementary colors make the product stand out.

84th Collection

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