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21st place in Bulgaria

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Winning photos

Golden chips: crunchy, tasty and levitating. Here too, I created a minimal style, which highlights the golden texture of this tasty snack. Artificial studio lights, several images merged in postproduction.

103rd Collection

The light that illuminates the table, soft and enveloping, accentuates the golden tones of the biscuits and the richness of the chocolate coating. The shades of brown, flying biscuit pieces and crumbs add depth to the composition. Here I used only natural light, then blending different images in postproduction.

103rd Collection

Minimalism with a touch of levitation. The clean and simple background is in harmony with the bright colors in the foreground and all together highlight the freshness of the ingredients themselves. Artificial studio lights, several images merged in post production.

103rd Collection

Tasty sandwich with flying components. This image is an explosion of genuine and fresh ingredients, which I decided to represent in a creative way. Bon apéti ;)

102nd Collection

Smoked sprats in oil. Warm and monochrome colours, traditional style that speaks of a genuine product. The presence of levitating elements adds more visual interest and makes the photo more dynamic.

102nd Collection

The main protagonist of this breakfast is fresh soft-boiled egg with toasted finger of bread. Pastel colours, clean and minimal style to highlight the levitating elements.

102nd Collection

Chocolatey, gourmandy and flying. Image in warm monochrome colors with levitating elements. Work created in studio with artificial lights.

101st Collection

Oh, I love this one. Well, here the iced coffee with milk is really icy :) Minimal style with cold toned background, warm toned coffee, real ice, geometric elements and triangular composition. This whole mix is original, fresh and simply perfect.

101st Collection

Concept of pure drinking water coming from the heart of an iceberg.

Working with real ice can be really tricky, but despite the various difficulties and situations due to the very nature of the chosen elements, the final result was absolutely worth it.

101st Collection

Splash photography to narrate a moment of creative chaos. The image is divided into warm and cold tones for greater visual interest, and at the same time the triangular composition brings a sense of stability. Studio shot, artificial lights and a lot of fun while taking the "perfect" shot.

99th Collection

The choice of delicate, pastel colours and soft lighting is due to the desire to create an idea of levitation and movement, but at the same time a visual feeling of relaxation. Used of studio lighting and different images blended in post-production.

98th Collection

What would it be like to work as a Sommelier? A question I asked myself many times while working on this photo. A collection of many good wines served on the large table, combined with long shadows of the setting sun create a special atmosphere.

96th Collection

I love the unusual and creative way of representing a product. But at the same time keeping the image as simple as possible. I chose complementary colors, matched with my favorite minimal style and added some graphic shadows in the background. Well, the whole mix helps generate interest about the product.

96th Collection

In search of balance - visual and compositional, this image was created with the thought - "Less is more". Complementary colours, clean and minimal style with the idea of transmitting the movement and liveliness of a summer happy hour. Artificial lights, different images merged into one.

94th Collection

And again - minimal style and low key photogrphy. The gradation present in the transition between areas of light and areas of shadow creates a particularly refined visual depth. One of the challenges that every photographer faces is how to represent artificial light as natural light, and I think in this case the image was created perfectly.

94th Collection