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Milano (Italy)

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100$ per hour


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1st place in Switzerland

45th place in Italy

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3 years

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Photomedia-Gloria Bressan

I'm Gloria, in Zurich from almost 10 years but Italian (Milan). I 'm a professional photographer from 8 years and even though I have experience in events, concerts and portrait photography, food photography is my favorite job. Managing colors, shapes and lights to give importance to food cooked by experts is my passion.

Winning photos

I wanted to take a photo with the right reflections on the glass and give elegance and refinement to the bottle like my client's Brut is!

72nd Collection

it wasn't easy open the beer bottle with the right foam (I put it in freezer) know, I had to open many bottles and drink only a few :-)

72nd Collection

...Are these strawberries coming out or are they going into the pot? :-)
Taking this pic with real drops of water blown from under the table was the hardest thing !

71st Collection

This is my set-up of " calm and take a break": the warm colors of lemons, tea and honey contrast with the cold color of the glass and black stone. And the flowers give a very romantic touch of calm and serenity.

71st Collection

I tried different lighting techniques for this photo. In the end I have to thank my husband for the perfect circular line of light painting!

68th Collection

Do you see the skull in the shadows? Isn't photoshop at all but only natural shadows of octopus and fork! sometimes simple and basic photos surprise...

68th Collection

I made my picture about an "easy, daily gesture". I love the simplicity and neutral colors: it is only a cup of tea but it wasn't an easy picture at all.

67th Collection

My goal is to make you feel thirsty and what is better than a cold beer after a day of hard work? Beer and bezel are the answer!

66th Collection