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Photomedia-Gloria Bressan

I'm Gloria, in Zurich from almost 10 years but Italian (Milan). I 'm a professional photographer from 8 years and even though I have experience in events, concerts and portrait photography, food photography is my favorite job. Managing colors, shapes and lights to give importance to food cooked by experts is my passion.

Winning photos

Popcorn explosion! This picture is not particularly difficult about technique. Warm and soft lights, set up & old style. But it was difficult to find these truly rare cobs!

100th Collection

Is there something more famous than Ferrero Rocher? From 1983 Italian chocolate is in the top of chocolate lovers!

88th Collection

A vintage style for this pictures of Pampero. It was a pleasure that Pampero want to use this picture for his promotion on web!

88th Collection

Create a balanced set up with color and texture for an omogeneous effect isn't easy but I took a lot of time to organise this set up and the result is exactly what I had in my head ????.

87th Collection

Di Saranno Velvet is a Classic Italian liquor, with a splas effect! The velvet drink is super cool and delicious . Prosit, cheers,Prost, Cin Cin!

85th Collection

Coffee, coffee, coffee... I just want to make a picture to feel the smell of the coffee just wake up! Only problems with reflection but I love make this kind of set up!

84th Collection

Typical Italian receipt of pesto is a picture "to do" if you love Mediterranean food and homemade cooking. My focus is on the green of basil leaves and yallow of olive olive with a neutral background.

82nd Collection

It is a long time that I want to make this picture with my typical and favourite Italian bread with mortadella and Pesto. During the summer in Italy a "micchetta con mortadella" and a beer is a must! I Use only a pocket soft light in the right and that's it!

79th Collection

A different prospective took from under the glass. A violet background for a lavender drink. Maybe not easy immediately to understand but strange ???

78th Collection

A special vintage set up for a photoshooting of a coffee machine in vintage style. A old radio, and a soft atmosphere is a good mix for this set up : non easy to make but I love it!

78th Collection

This tea has a wonderful taste and isn't only a tea but a mix of perfumes. I Love the orange color and the shadows on this picture. Picture makes in studio with studio lights.

78th Collection

To organise a perfect trip the first thing is prepare all stuff you need... Even a warm drink for cold days! Picture took in studio for this flask.

77th Collection

Historical account of a picture. In the last century, Absinthe was considered the liqueur of the damned poets, addicted to drugs and the intoxication of a psychotic ingredient contained in the Artemisia distillate. He called himself the "green fairy" because he was believed to cause hallucinations and for this he was banned from the trade. It was preferably consumed after 5 in the afternoon, until 7, in what began to be called "the green hour". To drink it, it was mixed with water and served by pouring it on a sugar cube placed on a perforated teaspoon placed on the mouth of the glass, then burning the cube. It is said that Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" was painted under the effect of absinthe and Oscar Wilde said "" After the first glass, you see things as you wish. After the second, you see things as they are not. Finally, you see things as they really are, which is the most horrible thing in the world. "

76th Collection

Fine food with escargot and a perfect bottle of chardonnay. Shooting for a top level restaurant in Zurich. And a romantic atmosphere need candles lights!

74th Collection

This is a pictures made for #laschitadelloltrepopavese, an Italian group who love a typical food recipe of Oltrepó area : "la schita" is made only with flour, water and salt, cooked with a little bit of oil and served with gorgonzola cheese or typical "pancetta" (very thin slices of bacon). In Oltrepó area
every grandma swears to know the original recipe... But in any case every schita is tasty!

73rd Collection