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I am a US and British Citizen of Ukrainian origin. I lived in London, UK for almost 17 years before moving to the US (Denver, Colorado) in 2016. I am an Executive Assistant to a President of a large privately owned Bank by day and a food photographer/recipe developer/food blogger by night. I am a Le Cordon Bleu Paris Food Photography and Recipe Development Alumna. My dream is to publish a book with my recipes/ food photos as well as becoming a successful food photographer. My instagram accounts are: @sitnikoffkitchen (culinary blog) and @sitnikoffphotography (new recently opened account - food photo portfolio). I am open to food photography/recipe development projects and you can contact me by e-mailing I also provide remote food photography/recipe development services.

Winning photos

I absolutely love Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey with its’ smoked wood flavor and was inspired to take a photo of it! Used some new post production techniques with this photo.

102nd Collection

This is another photo that was inspired by my Le Cordon Bleu Food Photography mentor & teacher Nelly Le Comte. I experimented with light and color and came up with this beautiful burgundy colored theme & shadow.

100th Collection

I created this dessert recipe for my Instagram blog @sitnikoffkitchen - Chocolate Coated Bavarian Cream with Raspberry & Peach Compote and used a minimalistic photography style to show its’ beauty,

100th Collection

This photo was also inspired by Nelly Le Comte - my Le Cordon Bleu food photography teacher & mentor. The deep blue color with the shades of purple represent deep ocean and the beauty of ocean life. This is my association with the spectacular islands of the Maldives, the exceptional beauty of which I will never forget.

97th Collection

This photo was inspired by my wonderful food photography teacher & mentor Nelly Le Comte from Le Cordon Bleu. The combination of burgundy red refreshing cocktail color with fuschia colored orchid flower, piece of lime on a pink background represents love, romance and sweet emotions as well as butterflies in the stomach.

97th Collection

The beauty is all around us, it is even in simple things like eggs. I enjoyed working with this image, especially working with the light to create a mysterious look.

87th Collection

I have created this image with the help and guidance from my wonderful teacher & mentor Nelly Le Comte. I absolutely love photographing drinks and practicing new techniques is showing how incredibly beautiful the minimalistic style can be in drinks photography.

87th Collection

This photo was one of my assignments for the Le Cordon Bleu Food Photography course, practice with the hard light. I wanted to make this photo with brown color, and used simple Kvas drink (Eastern European drink) that worked the magic with color!

79th Collection

I prepared these Caramelized Hazelnut Spikes as a decoration for my recent Creme Caramel recipe for my instagram blog: @sitnikoffkitchen and took a separate photo of the Hazelnut Spikes only. Yes, they are as delicious as they look and they are beautiful just on their own.

78th Collection

I love working with hard light and so glad I managed to catch a sunny day to take this photo. Inside the glass is Butterfly Pea Flower drink, the deep blue drink color created an amazing shadow. I decorated the glass with a delicate fresh pansy which complements the blue color so well. The beauty is in simplicity.

78th Collection

This photo was inspired by Dutch naturmort paintings. I like trying different styles in photography and really enjoyed working on this image. The inspiration came when I was browsing the internet and came across some old Dutch paintings. My aim was to capture the viewers attention with the small details and trigger the imagination. This is a quiet, cozy summer evening when the sun goes down. The fruits are so juicy and ripe, the cheese, olives and nuts are so inviting and the romance is in the air.

76th Collection

I have always been mesmerized by dark food photography which creates magic and mysterious atmosphere. I have developed and photographed this recipe of Chocolate Cupcakes with Hazelnuts & Cinnamon Cream Cheese for my Instagram culinary blog and decided to shoot it in minimalistic style to show off the beautiful presentation of the product itself, without any distractions on the background. This photo was shot in August and represents the last breath of summer, a sweet season of figs & berries. The soft chocolate sponge cupcake covered with silky and smooth cinnamon cream cheese with vanilla, accompanied by adorable aromas of figs, berries, mint & lime - the taste is irresistible. I wanted to express that feeling in this photo.

75th Collection