Victor Chin



Kuala Lumpur

🇲🇾 Malaysia

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Singapore (Singapore)

Minimum price/hours

100$ per hour


Master of Photography

4 awards left until the Grand Master of Photography

1st place in Malaysia

10th place in Singapore

With us

4 years

Studio Name

Vezora Production

Victor is a professional food photographer in Malaysia with a passion for capturing the artistry and beauty of food. With 10 years of experience in the industry, he has honed his craft and developed an expert eye for the perfect shot, making him a sought-after professional in the field.

Victor's approach to food photography is to showcase the essence of each dish, highlighting its unique features and characteristics. From the vibrant colors to the intricate details, every element of the dish is carefully considered and captured in a way that makes it come alive on the screen.

He is also lucky enough to publish his work in Michelin Selected Restaurants and has also been recognized by Foodelia, the International Food Photography Awards.

With Victor, you can be confident that your food will look its best, enticing and inspiring your audience.

Winning photos

Roku Gin Autumn campaign continued with this series of cocktails from BAC bar in Bukit Damansara, KL. Simple but yet fresh enough to give you a chill.

85th Collection

I was very lucky to be selected by Roku Gin to shoot this visual at one of the best bars in Malaysia. It’s for a campaign on spring season to promote the cocktail by Gin. Done this with 3 lights.

84th Collection

Shot this visual for a bar and restaurant in Malaysia. Loved the vibe of the restaurant especially the background of this image. Done this image with 3 lights from different direction.

84th Collection

It’s my honor to work with this restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Had the chance to shoot for this private club restaurant. This visual will be used as menu for exclusive customers.

84th Collection

This picture was taken for a full page menu for a local restaurant. The whole idea is to make the picture as striking as possible with all the colors combination. I think we did it?

82nd Collection

Shot this signature dish Iberico Pork for a modern local restaurant. This picture will be used as highlighted dish in the menu. Manage to freeze the moment with a help of speed light from the back.

81st Collection

Had the opportunity to shoot this seasonal menu. A very unique dish in one of the best bar restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Using Foie Gras in authentic malay flavor is remarkable.

80th Collection

Felt so honored to shoot for this bar, one of the Asia’s top 50 bars and it’s located in Kuala Lumpur! A campaign run by Suntory Roku Gin for Spring.

80th Collection

Shot this for Roku Gin in one of the hidden bars in Malaysia. Love how the cocktail really blends in with a touch of orange juice.

78th Collection

Polo bun is an authentic cuisine from Hong Kong. Shot this for a local bakery in Malaysia for marketing purpose. Total 3 lights setup with grid.

77th Collection

Shot this healthy diet instant oat noodle for a local brand. The idea is to match the ambience with the product color. 3 lights setup to achieve this result.

77th Collection

Shot this Mocha for a grab & go coffee kiosk in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The aim is to showcase the premium coffee beans they used as ingredient for this cup of coffee.

74th Collection