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Irina Sitnikoff

Denver (United States)

I am a US and British Citizen of Ukrainian origin. I lived in London, UK for almost 17 years before moving to the US (Denver, Colorado) in 2016. I am an Executive Assistant to a President of a large privately owned Bank by day and a food photographer/recipe developer/food blogger by night. I am a Le Cordon Bleu Paris Food Photography and Recipe Development Alumna. My dream is to publish a book with my recipes/ food photos as well as becoming a successful food photographer. My instagram accounts are: @sitnikoffkitchen (culinary blog) and @sitnikoffphotography (new recently opened account - food photo portfolio). I am open to food photography/recipe development projects and you can contact me by e-mailing irina@sitnikoffkitchen.com. I also provide remote food photography/recipe development services.

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