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Goats & Ginger

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Elixir d'Anvers. Artisan liqueur. Unique taste. Exceptional quality.

101st Collection

Celebrating Epiphany with Philip's Biscuits. "Driekoningentaart" is a traditional Belgian pastry also known as "King's Cake"...

101st Collection

Smokey Pumpkin Spice Latte with Elixir d'Anvers from Bar-Barista (Tom Cools).

©Goats & Ginger

99th Collection

Elixir d'Anvers Cranberry smoky cocktail | A delicious cocktail with a hint of cranberry, a burst of lemon, and the enchantment of Elixir d'Anvers.

97th Collection

Kiss from Antwerp | Elixir d'Anvers x Madonna | A chamois-sweet cocktail based on Elixir d'Anvers, with Roku Gin, strawberry syrup, lemon and egg white...

97th Collection

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