Samuel Vasquez



Santo Domingo

🇩🇴 Dominican Republic

Also serving:

New York City (The United States)




Grand Member

5 awards left until the Master of Photography

1st place in Dominican Republic

43rd place in The United States

With us

4 years

Winning photos

Created for Pizzarelli as part of their 40th Anniversary Campaign focusing on their fresh ingredients and dedicated preparation of each pizza pie. Lit with strobes to freeze the motion as well as an Arri Tungsten Fresnel for the warm rim.

84th Collection

100mm Zeiss working overtime for those details. Love the textured detail on the left side of the label. Elegant light pattern in the liquid achieved by just lighting the background just right.

83rd Collection

Made entirely in studio with real sand and a tv screen for the background. Palm leaves were added in post but we had them on set to create the reflections on the bottle.

83rd Collection

This is one of those shots that look really simple but took hours to set up and execute. Simple 3 light set up, but it was multiple dozens of tries in getting the pour, bottle position and hand placement all perfect in camera. And after every single try it’s clean, refill and try again. The result was absolutely worth it though.

83rd Collection