Samuel Vasquez



Santo Domingo

🇩🇴 Dominican Republic

Also serving:

New York City (The United States)




Grand Member

5 awards left until the Master of Photography

1st place in Dominican Republic

43rd place in The United States

With us

4 years

Winning photos

Part of a series of images used in a rebranding campaign for Pizzarelli, a beloved Dominican pizza restaurant delivering happiness to homes since 1982.

73rd Collection

This is Chef Carlos Romero part of the new upcoming wave of promising chefs in the Dominican Republic. This image is featured in Santo Domingo Times Magazine as part of an article about the new generation of cuisine in the country and the faces behind it.

69th Collection

Photography for @lugadr one of the most popular burger restaurants in the Dominican Republic. This dish takes inspiration from the famous street food recipe of the typical "chimi" as we commonly call it, and elevates it to a restaurant level. The Chimi Burger is composed of 8oz of beef topped with American cheese, bacon, and coleslaw.

52nd Collection