Reka Csulak




🇫🇮 Finland

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Budapest (Hungary)


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14 awards left until the Master of Photography

1st place in Finland

19th place in Hungary

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3 years

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Three Pod Studio

founder of Three Pod Studio, food photographer & stylist, recipe developer, blogger and creative educator, working locally and internationally.
I found the biggest motif and passion in my life in gastronomy with a pinch of art.

I am Hungarian, living an ex-pat life in Finland, but also lived and worked in Sweden and the United Kingdom. I work remotely from my studio near Helsinki, and I happily travel upon request to capture remarkable frames around the globe.

I preserve the moment as a commercial food and product photographer, use my creativity as a food stylist and share my recipes and culinary stories as a blogger and recipe developer. The new chapter in my profession is the role of a creative educator and workshop facilitator.

My principles are uniqueness, exceptionality and fine details.

Winning photos

Pastel mint coloured wooden textures, eco-friendly picnic idea with refreshing summer ingredients from the garden...what else do we need on a mountaintop after a good climb uphill?

68th Collection

EGGTION! Behind each and every levitation shot there is more than magic. Planning, inventing, design, finding suitable light, and nail post-processing are the secrets of this image.

67th Collection

A transparent cocktail splash shot in a dark environment is always challenging but it was so much fun to make it happen. The beautiful orchid garnish is a valuable add on to the pink drink and detailed action.

66th Collection

While waiting for the first green leaves on the trees, this green pesto spaghetti cheers you up at any time! Nobody can say no to the fresh and aromatic basil leaves and a generous amount of parmesan on al dente pasta.

65th Collection

All the vitamins and minerals of green veggies, leaves and fruits compressed into a healthy and revitalizing drink. The splash indicates its freshness.

65th Collection

This capture is a playful self-portrait that pays tribute to the photographer's twenties on her birthday around Midsummer. Monochromatic, so it goes well to her style and full-on red as the cherry season was at its highest peak.

64th Collection