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19th place in Hungary

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Three Pod Studio

founder of Three Pod Studio, food photographer & stylist, recipe developer, blogger and creative educator, working locally and internationally.
I found the biggest motif and passion in my life in gastronomy with a pinch of art.

I am Hungarian, living an ex-pat life in Finland, but also lived and worked in Sweden and the United Kingdom. I work remotely from my studio near Helsinki, and I happily travel upon request to capture remarkable frames around the globe.

I preserve the moment as a commercial food and product photographer, use my creativity as a food stylist and share my recipes and culinary stories as a blogger and recipe developer. The new chapter in my profession is the role of a creative educator and workshop facilitator.

My principles are uniqueness, exceptionality and fine details.

Winning photos

With playfulness in mind, join me on this beautiful day for a picnic where your basket is “serving you” delicious goodies - you just need to reach out to them and enjoy!

100th Collection

Reverse-gravity scene with a composition that leads your eyes through the complex chain of events, and helps to discover every small detail on the image.

100th Collection

I love combining deep greens with festive gold on images that must radiate the holiday vibes - and I think I nailed it with a frozen action above this delicious Christmas bake called stollen.

98th Collection

Product photo with geometric shapes and a limited colour palette focuses on the freshness this particular flavour combination brings to the consumer.

97th Collection

When planning a lifestyle frame for this wine, I aimed to capture hedonism in one picture while being the model at the same time.

96th Collection

Icing sugar action over that delicious apple pie, captured for the brand's newly launched pie pan collection.

96th Collection

I took this photo with a breakfast scene to use it as a cover image of the organic Finnish honey brand's refreshed website, featuring the updated packaging of their products.

95th Collection

A capture from the outdoor session with textured elements and beautiful ingredients to highlight the prominent cookware brand's product.

94th Collection

🌼 Ainoa Winery's Aho - the name literally means meadow, so I wanted to bring typical Finnish wildflowers to the scene.

🥂 It is “A wine for the Finnish Summer” - as written on the label, so I set the colour palette to bring the summer vibes, and warm sunlight + incorporated a playful frozen action dedicated to every summer moment with a glass of wine.

🍓 Strawberries are not only the essential element of Finnish summer but also strawberry wine is one of the main components of Aho, hence beautiful local strawberries also appear on the scene.

93rd Collection

You probably never realised, how versatile shapes and shades are included in your popcorn bag, so it's now my pleasure to highlight the beauty of a single piece of popcorn in this macro photo.

92nd Collection

I styled and captured this scene for an amazing Finnish brand with natural fibre composite products, mostly utilised during outdoor activities, but the beautiful design, various size options and practicality make them perfectly suitable for the hospitality industry as well.

92nd Collection

I heard that white background photography cannot be scroll-stopping... challenge accepted! :)

92nd Collection

Banana boba drink product photo with monochromatic styling, unusual perspective and some action incorporated.

91st Collection

Mead and doughnuts are the essential partnof the 1 May menu in Finland. I brought them to the nature and captured them amonst these beautiful wood anemones that are blooming in the forest this time of the year.

91st Collection

Mead is a traditional drink on 1 May in Finland and as the celebration is not complete without balloons I combined them both on one image.

91st Collection

Food pattern created with a selection of hand-made raw sausages and some of their signature spices. Even though raw sausages are a tough subject to shoot commercially, the Client loved my approach.

90th Collection

When this top Finnish chocolate brand launched a cinnamon bun-flavoured bar, it became my absolute favourite, and so I dedicated some time to capturing it in a simple yet playful way.

90th Collection

Cupcakes with vibrant pink frosting call for Spring, and are even more relatable by the human touch.

88th Collection

Lean back and enjoy this cup of winter-themed hot chocolate. Look how the marshmellow snowman enjoy it… after the first sip, a wide smile will be guaranteed on your face too!

87th Collection

Who does’t love commercial images if the art director keeps the visual branding in mind when coming up with the creative concept? Reka designed the visuals for this Nordic rye ale in a way that the can appears in a frosty environment!

87th Collection