Victor Chin



Kuala Lumpur

🇲🇾 Malaysia

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Singapore (Singapore)

Minimum price/hours

100$ per hour


Master of Photography

13 awards left until the Grand Master of Photography

1st place in Malaysia

10th place in Singapore

With us

4 years

Studio Name

Vezora Production

Victor is a professional food photographer in Malaysia with a passion for capturing the artistry and beauty of food. With 10 years of experience in the industry, he has honed his craft and developed an expert eye for the perfect shot, making him a sought-after professional in the field.

Victor's approach to food photography is to showcase the essence of each dish, highlighting its unique features and characteristics. From the vibrant colors to the intricate details, every element of the dish is carefully considered and captured in a way that makes it come alive on the screen.

He is also lucky enough to publish his work in Michelin Selected Restaurants and has also been recognized by Foodelia, the International Food Photography Awards.

With Victor, you can be confident that your food will look its best, enticing and inspiring your audience.

Winning photos

Chicken Slices Scrambled Egg Croissant is the promotion set of this hotel located in Kuala Lumpur. Your mouth is just stuffed with so many texture on a bite. Tasty!

52nd Collection

Snow Beer!

The beer is chilled in a special refrigerator. The idea is to maintain its temperature at a designated degree so that the beer freezes during pour out of the bottle and give it an ice-blended texture.

50th Collection

The Meatcano!

The idea of arranging the meat served for a BBQ restaurant with a smoke effect that makes it looks like a volcano. That is how the Meatcano forms...Meat + Volcano.

50th Collection

Strawberry jumping into my drink...
Manage to capture it with some off-camera flash on a macro lens...
The perfect moment I would say...

49th Collection

Mixed fruit cocktail at a coffee shop. Smoke was trapped in a bubble at the surface of the drink before it popped.

Fun to play, nice to drink, good to see...

48th Collection

Meat your match!
This photo was taken for food menu purposes at a hotpot restaurant. The meat is just too fresh to be resisted

Restaurant: Ju Xiang Yuan Restaurant

47th Collection