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Robert Food Photo

I am a local restaurant food photographer in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

My career as a food photographer started two years ago when I began to create content for social media. Since then, I have dedicated all of my focus to improve my skills, and make a living from doing something that I love.

Winning photos

Perfectly seasoned shot if a Tomahawk Steak at Bottega in Calle Loiza, San Juan Puerto Rico.

91st Collection

The first cocktail of the night. This was a fun dark and moody shoot for Bar 0.2 in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

90th Collection

A beautiful shot of a delicious meal at Azucena in San Juan Puerto Rico including a Mushroom Ceviche on a crispy cloud.

89th Collection

All the credit goes to the team at La Patria Restobar in San Juan, Puerto Rico that creates this beautiful Grey Goose Moscow mule.

I was just lucky enough to photograph it. And drink it 😎

88th Collection

A variety of bitter bottles at a cocktail bar in Caguas Puerto Rico called Al Dente.

I knew when I took the shot photo how I was going to edit it. And the outcome came out just how I imagined it.

87th Collection

Prime Rib Eye Steak served in a tasting menu at Rare 125 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

One of the perks of shooting on site at restaurants is that I get to taste delicious dishes like this.

85th Collection