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Robert Food Photo

I am a local restaurant food photographer in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

My career as a food photographer started two years ago when I began to create content for social media. Since then, I have dedicated all of my focus to improve my skills, and make a living from doing something that I love.

Winning photos

Sometimes you never know what splash you are going go get and you find out in post editing.
Thanks to the team at Bar La Unidad in San Juan Puerto Rico for the creativity.

101st Collection

At Botanico in Calle Loiza San Juan, we tried to include nature and green in each shot, and the photoshoot came out awesome. This ceviche was beautiful, and we added a little bit of the surroundings for the final touch.

99th Collection

Bar 0.2 in San Juan Puerto Rico Always serving the best cocktails.

98th Collection

Fish tacos at Bar .02 in San Juan Puerto Rico.

97th Collection

Chef Isgut at Wild Kitchen in San Juan Puerto Rico adds a little salt to the Bison Ny Steak.

97th Collection

Beautiful tuna dish at Primitivō in Miramar, San Juan Puerto Rico.

96th Collection

Cosmopolitan cocktail looking pretty.

94th Collection

Perfectly seasoned shot if a Tomahawk Steak at Bottega in Calle Loiza, San Juan Puerto Rico.

91st Collection

The first cocktail of the night. This was a fun dark and moody shoot for Bar 0.2 in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

90th Collection

A beautiful shot of a delicious meal at Azucena in San Juan Puerto Rico including a Mushroom Ceviche on a crispy cloud.

89th Collection

All the credit goes to the team at La Patria Restobar in San Juan, Puerto Rico that creates this beautiful Grey Goose Moscow mule.

I was just lucky enough to photograph it. And drink it 😎

88th Collection

A variety of bitter bottles at a cocktail bar in Caguas Puerto Rico called Al Dente.

I knew when I took the shot photo how I was going to edit it. And the outcome came out just how I imagined it.

87th Collection

Prime Rib Eye Steak served in a tasting menu at Rare 125 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

One of the perks of shooting on site at restaurants is that I get to taste delicious dishes like this.

85th Collection